The Benefits of Working With a Certified B Corp Digital Marketing Agency

Updated: Mar 25

What is B Corp?

A Certified B Corp is a corporation that's been certified by B Lab, a nonprofit organization, based on the measures of their social and environmental performance.

To become certified, a company will voluntarily take the assessment to meet the following criteria:

  • Purpose: Meet the assessment score of 80 or above by demonstrating high social and environmental performance.

  • Accountability: Take legal accountability by implementing improvements within the company's structure, by including shareholders and stakeholders.

  • Transparency: Demonstrate full transparency by sharing the company’s performance measured against B Corp standards publicly.

The assessment is broken down into five categories for a company to focus on regarding their day-to-day operations, both internally and externally. The five categories are – Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. Within each category, based on the company’s answers, the assessment will indicate how much of a positive impact the organization has. To be established as a B Corp company is to be a part of a movement that’s passionate about being more socially and environmentally sustainable and using business as a force for good.

Why work with a B Corp Certified Digital Marketing Agency?

Picking the right partner is an important part of company growth. By partnering with a B Corp certified agency, your business can rest-assured that your agency partners are values-aligned and thinking holistically about not just the bottom line, but the triple bottom line. By having a strong focus on employee wellness and impact, certified B Corps tend to have less employee turnover, resulting in a stronger client/agency partnership.

Here at Avenue, we’re proud to be part of a movement that wants to be the best for the world by being B Corp Certified. As a digital marketing agency, we’ve set ourselves apart by embracing and committing to the responsibility required to run more sustainably. That’s why we invest in what matters to us. Below is a sample list of how Avenue is using business as a force for good.

  • Environmental impact: Avenue became a 100% remote company in March 2021, which has cut down our carbon emissions. We’ve also honored our clients by planting over 300 trees through One Tree Planted.

  • Our employees: As a remote company, we have the flexibility to allow our team members to work from anywhere (ex: working abroad in Italy, Oregon Coast, Joshua Tree). We take our employee’s mental health seriously by providing unlimited PTO (with a minimum PTO requirement), 100% fitness stipend, and an annual strategic planning retreat… just to name a few.

  • Our community: We’ve offered pro bono services to support multiple non-profit organizations within the community. In addition to giving back, Avenue has donated to a number of local nonprofits. You can read more about the efforts we’ve taken in our impact report, which shares, in depth, how we’ve made a positive impact internally and externally.

Naturally, when your company partners with a certified B Corp agency, you’ll catch sight of higher-quality deliverables, services that are community-driven, a healthy environment and ultimately an agency that cares. In addition to quality of work, there’s an adherent transparency from B Corp agencies that offers an ease of alignment within a partnership that seamlessly attains growth for key business objectives.

Having this relationship will not only bolster your company’s marketing efforts and lead to prosperous achievements, but also prove to be a driving effort of using business as a force for good.

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