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The Animal Marketing Podcast, Episode 13: Banfield Foundation Series with Kim Van Syoc

On episode three of The Animal Marketing Podcast and Banfield Foundation collaboration, Avenue Founder and CEO, Anna Madill, and guest host Kim Van Syoc, Executive Director of the Banfield Foundation, talk with Matt Pepper, President and CEO of the Michigan Humane Society, and Nikki Harris, COO of the Jacksonville Humane Society.

While most people think animal shelters exist to care for animals, they actually have a dual purpose of caring for people too. How? By helping provide essential services like food, medications and veterinary care that help keep people and their pets together when pet owners are faced with financial barriers.

In Detroit, the city with one of the highest poverty rates in the country (and one of the hardest hit by COVID-19), Michigan Humane Society is doubling down its community efforts to ease the financial burden on local residents and keep pets in homes. Currently in Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Humane Society has been the ONLY shelter operating in the area since mid-March.

Listen to The Animal Marketing Podcast here to learn more about the amazing things both shelters are doing to make a better world for pets.

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