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The Animal Marketing Podcast, Episode 12: Banfield Foundation Series with Kim Van Syoc

On this episode of The Animal Marketing Podcast Avenue's Founder and CEO, Anna Madill, is joined again with guest host Kim Van Syoc, Executive Director of Banfield Foundation. Anna and Kim talk with Liz Baker, CEO of and Kristen Hassen, Animal Service Director at Pima Animal Care Center to talk all things pet fostering. Since COVID-19 put the country into quarantine, pet fostering has doubled in just weeks.

"I’m only a few episodes in as the guest host of the Animal Marketing Podcast and I’ve never been more confident in the critical role shelters play in society—nor have I been so excited for what’s possible within the animal welfare community. Nearly every minute of every interview someone says something so profound that I feel a surge of hope and I find myself rapidly taking notes and plotting how the Banfield Foundation can support each and every potential outcome." - Kim Van Syoc, Executive Director of Banfield Foundation.

Listen to The Animal Marketing Podcast here for this week’s episode.

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