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Instagram Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2022

Social media and content is one of the best ways to grow your brand awareness, that is, if you understand the trends and algorithms of the rapidly changing digital world. Having a user-generated understanding of how social media works is a good start to understanding the importance of great content. For 2022, we expect Instagram to have a massive shift in user experience. Now is the time for businesses to hop on this golden train of opportunity and fully utilize Instagram to their marketing advantage. In this blog we’ll explain what should be top of mind as you prepare for these trends to roll out.

2022 Instagram trends that business should keep in mind

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, says that they are heading in the direction of video (reels), messages (encouraging engagement) and user control of their platform (customizing user experience). How do these trends affect your business?


Since instagram is heading in the direction of reels, when users create videos the algorithm will reward them by sharing that content to more viewers. Reels will have a higher chance of appearing on the discovery page where 50% of users go to discover new content. 70% of marketers are looking to increase ad spend in video! Keep in mind - Reels receive more engagement than regular video content at a rate of about 22%! Use this trend creatively by answering FAQ questions, sharing upcoming events, and integrating your business with trending video challenges. Creating reels is a great way to grow your business on Instagram to reach more viewers and grow engagement.


The best way to increase engagement on your platform is to engage with your followers! Connecting with your followers is a sure way to keep the viewership relationship strong. Instagram has upgraded their messaging features, letting users create stories that have interactive polls, links and collaboration with followers making messaging all the more engaging. Lean into the social aspect of the platform and begin creating a more interpersonal interaction with your followers. Create those stories and reply with those emojis!

Chronological feed - personalize user experience

Instagram users will have the ability to customize how they view their home screen. For example, users can have one tab for their home, following and favorites. In addition to having these three separate tabs, users will finally be able to view content at the time that it’s posted, which means users will be able to go through almost all of the content that’s been posted. This will give brands the opportunity to have higher viewership regardless of where they’re placed within the three home screen tabs.

Shopping platform - Native creator affiliate program.

Of the 1.3 billion instagram users, approximately 72% of users base their decision on purchasing from Instagram. This trend will continue to be useful to companies as Instagram is offering an affiliate program for creators and brands to collaborate on selling products. The more collaborations you have, the more people will trust their purchase decision and the more affiliate followers you’ll receive.

Subscriptions / Creator monetization

Creators now have the opportunity to gain profit by monetizing their content, essentially allowing users to subscribe to their favorite creators to show support! With Instagram leaning more into being a creator-focused platform, it will be important for businesses to leverage social tactics like influencer marketing, user-generated content and reels.

Social Justice

It has been shown that social justice on social media has a skyrocketing rise in viewership and support. Instagram has become the main source for all social justice matters. There continues to be a desire and demand from users and customers alike for transparency, social justice and accountability. This is where businesses can share their company values to better resonate with our current society's understanding of social inequality and inequity.

What does this mean for your business and what should be top of mind? Taking advantage of these digital trends and understanding how they can benefit your business will reward growth at a progressive rate. To stay on top of Instagram and digital marketing trends of 2022, be sure to follow along with Avenue!

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