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How LinkedIn Ads Can Help Grow Your Business

As a business-professional social networking site with over 600 million active members, LinkedIn is where professionals go to advance their careers, connect with peers, follow industry news and promote their skills and knowledge. Unlike other well-known social platforms, it offers business and career-oriented content. Even more so, LinkedIn advertising can be a very powerful way to grow your business when leveraged properly. Known as the #1 platform for B2B lead generation, LinkedIn advertising allows you to connect with the decision makers within a company and get in front of a highly targeted audience. Read on to see some of the ways LinkedIn ads can help enhance your marketing strategy and grow your business!

Get in Front of Highly Targeted Audiences

One of the distinct advantages of LinkedIn advertising is the ability to leverage its advanced targeting features to get in front of your ideal customer. You can target by job title, employer, industry, member groups, field of study, degree, school, professional skills, location, age and gender. There is also an audience expansion feature that allows you to reach even more members with targeted messaging. LinkedIn is able to gather unique member profile data that no other social platform is able to, and that data is continuously being updated in real-time as members update their profile.

Unique Retargeting: Matched and Lookalike Audiences

Another unique feature of LinkedIn ads that can help you grow your business is the use of matched and lookalike audiences. A matched audience allows you to connect your own business data with LinkedIn’s robust user-generated content for better campaign performance. By doing so you can effectively retarget website visitors and build custom audiences by uploading email subscriber lists, contacts or company names. Additionally, LinkedIn’s lookalike audience feature utilizes your existing data to create new audiences similar to your current ones. This helps alleviate some of the heavy lifting with targeting and expands your overall reach.

High-quality Lead Generation

LinkedIn ads can help grow your business through high-quality lead generation. One of the biggest hurdles a business can face in its marketing strategy is obtaining the right kind of leads. If not, it can lead to wasted time, efforts and valuable ad spend dollars. With LinkedIn, you can craft and deliver the right message to an audience that is more receptive to business-related services and already in that frame of mind, as opposed to other social networks. One way LinkedIn generates high-quality leads is through Lead Generation forms. These are forms built by the company that automatically populate for the user once they click on an ad instead of taking them to a separate landing page. The forms automatically pre-fill with most of the required data from the user’s profile, saving the user time and the need to leave LinkedIn and go through a third-party site.

Create a Variety of Engaging Ad Formats

LinkedIn offers businesses a wide range of ad formats to choose from, making it even easier to reach the right decision makers. The following ad formats are available:

  • Sponsored content

  • Carousel ads

  • Video ads

  • Text ads

  • Message ads

  • Spotlight ads

Curious about how LinkedIn ads can uniquely benefit your business? Avenue's proprietary paid advertising services provide customized digital solutions for our client's needs. Contact Avenue to learn more!

Please note that Avenue has no affiliation with any products, services, or websites referenced in this blog post. Avenue is a digital marketing agency in Portland using business as a force for good. Our proprietary suite of paid advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media services help brands and businesses of all sizes grow sustainably and successfully. For more information, we invite you to visit our services page.

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