Could a Rebrand Help Your Business?

We see companies rebrand their logo and story time and time again. Some businesses have succeeded, while others have failed. A successful rebrand is not just about changing the logo, the colors or the typography. It’s about telling your company’s story and recognizing how that resonates with your customers. A rebrand could alter the course of your business exponentially…if you rebrand for the right reasons.

What is rebranding? It’s a marketing strategy for companies to develop a new identity to better establish themselves amongst consumers, competitors and other stakeholders. Creating a new identity is an opportunity for businesses to share a strong brand story. Here are two examples of companies that have altered their image:

Dunkin’ Donuts to Dunkin’ - A Success Story

Dunkin’s rebrand was successful because they maintained likeness to the original branding that customers were familiar with. Additionally, customers were already using the shortened nickname, before the official rebranding. Dunkin’s name change set the tone for the modernization of the entirety of their visual branding, yet they are still the same Dunkin’ everyone knows and loves. By enhancing their visual identity, Dunkin’ initiated their brand in a new direction that better resonated with their target audience in 2019. They strategized to grow their reach towards consumers who are young and on the go. In addition to their logo facelift, they partnered with GEN- Z Tik Tok star, Charli D’amelio, launched pop-up shops with fun new merchandise, updated their menu and won the category of fastest drive-thru in 2019.

Tropicana - A 30 Million Dollar Loss

In 2009, Tropicana decided to implement a new campaign to promote their new packaging. Transitioning the juice box cover design from an orange fruit to orange juice in a glass. This seemingly small visual update consequently cost Tropicana 30 million dollars in losses, in addition to their 35 million dollar investment towards the campaign. Consumers were vocal about their opinion through social media, causing a widespread trend where they expressed their criticisms of the new package design.

The main concern was that consumers could not find the orange juice that they were familiar with on the shelves, leading them to ask, “Where’s the Tropicana?" Sales dropped by 20% in response to the change and in response, within a few months, Tropicana reverted back to their original packaging.

Tropicana failed by not gathering enough information on their consumers and by not identifying their personal brand story before launching their marketing strategy. This attempt portrayed a lack of transparency and dedication for their loyal market. Major changes to a brand could cause massive backlash through sales and identity as seen here.

Avenue's Rebrand Evolution

Creating a logo takes time to attain the perfect voice for your brand’s identity. You’ll find your “ah ha” moment, after putting in the time and research into perfecting your logo to where it’ll represent your brand’s identity. Take a look at our evolution! Here you’ll see our first ever logo step-by-step ideation phase. Our logo creation started from a finger sketch through iPhone, to word doc png then finalizing Avenue's logo design in collaboration with Factory North. Today, we utilize our logo and branding consistently across our business operations and marketing to ensure it's recognizable and memorable.

Is it time for a rebrand?

Learning from other successful and failed rebranding efforts will help you gain insight on where your company stands. We’ve learned that, when making changes, it’s important to keep it familiar and focus on elevated tweaks. Externally, make the message clear to your audience. Internally, identify the purpose of your rebrand and the vision you intend to create. Research your target audience to better understand what would make a successful marketing campaign. Ultimately, businesses should create an enjoyable experience for their customers! Experiment and be creative with your branding concepts to be memorable.

When it comes to rebranding, digital marketing is your best friend. Utilize organic social to poll your audience, paid advertising to amplify your new messaging and branding and ensure SEO keywords and meta descriptions are up to date, in order to establish your new brand name is captured within organic search queries. At Avenue, when our clients go through a rebrand, we support their efforts through a digital marketing audit, strategy and plan which provides a detailed roadmap that supports their rebranding goals across their digital marketing channels!