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The Animal Marketing Podcast, Episode 10: Kerri Marshall and Babel Bark

On this episode of The Animal Marketing Podcast, host Anna Madill and Dr. Kerri Marshall, Chief Veterinary Officer and board member at BabelBark, discuss the question: How can technology enable pet owners to connect the dots within the fragmented landscape of pet care providers: from the vet, to the local shelter and even to the groomer, to provide the best care possible for their pet?

BabelBark all started when two dog-loving software designers decided to go on an extended vacation. They were worried about leaving their dogs with a sitter, so they created an app to help the sitter out. The app has since grown into a Pet Suite of products, from the pet owners app, BabelBark, the software engineered for veterinary clinics and hospitals, BabelVet, to the app designed for businesses and shelters, BizBark. Each app serves to redefine the connection between pets and everyone who cares for them.

Today, Marshall discusses how BabelBark allows pet parents to better care for their pet by connecting all the pet care services on one platform.

Here are some points of discussion in today’s podcast:

  • The story behind BabelBark.

  • How BabelBark, BabelVet, and BizBark integrate with your pet.

  • How the Pet Suite of software consolidates your pet’s care.

  • Long term vision for BabelBark.

  • How Millennials/Gen X are changing the landscape of veterinary technology and pet care technology needs.

  • What BabelBark’s most impactful marketing platform to spread awareness is.

Listen to The Animal Marketing podcast here to learn how technology like BabelBark is improving your pet’s care. To learn more, you can visit, or find them on all major social media channels @babelbark.

The Animal Marketing Podcast:

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