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The Animal Marketing Podcast, Episode 9: Peter Alberti and Inulogica

In Avenue’s 9th episode of The Animal Marketing Podcast, host Anna Huston and guest Peter Alberti, the CEO of Inulogica discuss the question: How are organizations using personalization and technology to provide better care for pets?

Peter’s inspiration behind starting Inulogica was to help connect pet owners and veterinarians to resources and access to the critical areas of pet care to produce more overall satisfaction for all stakeholders.

Inulogica meets this mission by working closely with veterinarians and pet owners through their brands like Whisker, a personalized pet health app and guide, and Smart Outcomes, a channel for veterinarians to use to further connect with pet owners. They also have several business partners like Waggle, a charity for pet owners in need of financial assistance. Inulogica aspires to continue bringing the veterinary and pet owner community closer, so that pets are easily and consistently able to receive sustainable and accurate care.

Here are some main points of discussion in today’s podcast:

  • An overview of Inulogica’s mission & impact

  • How Inulogica is creating a more sustainable world for all pet and veterinary stakeholders

  • The incorporation of technology and data, like Smart Outcomes & Whisker to simplify pet care and make it more accessible to all

  • How pet care startups are connecting and forming partnerships that are mutually beneficial and ultimately help pets and their owners

Listen to the full episode of The Animal Marketing Podcast here.

To learn more about Inulogica, you can visit their website at

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