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The Animal Marketing Podcast, Episode 8: Winson Wong and Kinship

On this episode of The Animal Marketing Podcast, host Anna Hutson and Winson Wong of Kinship discuss the question: How are organizations innovating and mobilizing technology and data to better serve pets and their owners? Kinship was established as a division of one of the world’s largest pet care companies, Mars Petcare, with a vision of creating a better world for pets by using data, analytics, and technology to accelerate and connect pet care startups.

Kinship works with various players in the petcare industry, such as pet health and veterinary care, nutrition (pet food and treats), or services (like dog-walking or pet-sitter applications). Whether Kinship is incubating their own ideas at Kinship Labs or investing in other pet care-focused startups like Pet Project or Leap Venture Studio, the end goal is to help pets to live happier, healthier, and longer, which positively impacts humans in return. Winson Wong began his journey towards this role as an expert in the tech space, previously working at companies like SingTel and Twitter. When the opportunity came along to work on Kinship, it was the perfect background of his experience in tech and his love for animals. Today, Wong discusses how Kinship incubates new business across pet care and uses his background in tech to keep the industry moving forward.

Here are some points of discussion in today’s podcast:

  • Basic breakdown of Kinship’s mission and areas of impact,

  • How Kinship is creating a better world for pets (and how owners can do so as well!),

  • The evolution of pet health and pet care through the use of technology and data,

  • How pet care startups are connecting/forming partnerships that are mutually beneficial and ultimately help pets and their owners,

  • And challenges in the pet care industry.

Listen to The Animal Marketing podcast here to learn about the unique and influential work of Kinship and its innovative pet startups. To learn more, you can visit, or find them on all major social media channels @kinshipco.

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