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The Animal Marketing Podcast, Episode 7: Brian Posewitz and Humane Voters Oregon

In Avenue’s 7th episode of The Animal Marketing Podcast, Anna spoke with Brian Posewitz to discuss how citizens can engage with animal welfare issues within their local and state governments. Posewitz serves on the Board of Directors of Humane Voters Oregon, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that works in conjunction with other animal welfare organizations to promote the humane treatment of animals within Oregon’s political process.

Humane Voters Oregon was founded four years ago, when Oregon leaders and volunteers with the Humane Society of the United States recognized an unmet need for involvement in Oregon’s political process to promote animal welfare. While many animal welfare programs are nationally-recognized and working within their communities to help animals in need, these charitable organizations are restricted from participation in elections. Humane Voters Oregon is a nonprofit, state-based social welfare organization that is dedicated strictly to contribute to elections by endorsing and volunteering for policy-makers who put animal welfare at the forefront. Humane Voters Oregon is leading by example by bringing animal welfare issues to the election process.

Listen to The Animal Marketing podcast here to learn about the unique and influential work from Humane Voters Oregon for animal welfare, and ways that you can contribute. To learn more, you can visit

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