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The Animal Marketing Podcast, Episode 5: Eric Koppelman and Blue Dog Bakery

This week on The Animal Marketing Podcast, Anna spoke with Eric Koppelman, Chief Revenue Officer of Blue Dog Bakery, to ask this question: how can organizations in the pet food industry create a focus on sustainability, natural ingredients, and doing right by their client's pets?

Blue Dog Bakery is company specializing in dog treats that serve as a healthy alternative to the dog treat brands dominating the grocery aisle, by using premium and healthy ingredients to create a low-fat, all natural treat for your dogs. Their business launched 20 years ago and quickly grew in momentum in terms of distribution--starting at Costco and QFC, then on the shelves of Fred Meyer, then Kroger, and exposure by distribution made Blue Dog Bakery a household name. Eric explained, “what sets Blue Dog Bakery apart is the premium quality with a reasonable price point,” which gives more opportunity for positive pet welfare. Through our conversation with Eric it was clear that this core mission is the driving force through everything that they do.

In today’s podcast, we hit some other main talking points:

  • Blue Dog Bakery’s vision from a pet welfare perspective

  • Challenges in the food and dog treat industry as a smaller brand competing against big names

  • What’s next on the horizon from an innovation standpoint for Blue Dog Bakery in the premium treat industry

  • How technology and digital media play a role in marketing and communications

You can listen to the full version of The Animal Marketing Podcast here. Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes with leaders from Fences for Fido, Dove Lewis and the Humane Society of the United States.

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