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The Animal Marketing Podcast, Episode 4: Brandon Antin and VCA

On this week’s episode of the Animal Marketing Podcast, Anna had a phone interview with Brandon Antin, Vice President of Social Responsibility and Innovation at VCA Animal Hospitals to get his insights on the ways that community-centric organizations like VCA are innovating and advancing pet care practices in order to engage deeply and effectively with their local communities. VCA’s mission is to improve veterinary medicine for every pet: whether that be within the walls of their hospitals located all over the country, in the realm of education inspiring the next generation of veterinary professionals, or through the impact of fundraising to contribute to local communities that need extra support.

As Brandon explains in the podcast, community involvement is very important to VCA. “If the community isn’t doing well, then we can’t do well,” he explains. VCA heavily engages fundraising and charity work through campaigns like Pennies for Pets, which raised over $565,000 this year, and pet food pantry programs that contribute pet food to food banks so that humans who struggle with food insecurity don’t have to choose between their own meals and healthy meals for their pets. VCA has built trust with its clients so once the collective fundraising effort has been made, VCA has the ability to decide where the money should go.

In the podcast, Brandon and Anna also discuss the following topics:

  • How VCA is raising the bar, innovating, and leading by example in the industry through veterinary science and pet care

  • The collective goal of VCA of inspiring young men and women to be invested the future of veterinary health care and animal welfare

  • The way the social media and digital marketing plays a role in the present and future of veterinary care

You can listen to the full version of The Animal Marketing Podcast here. Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes with leaders from Blue Dog Bakery, Fences for Fido and Dove Lewis.

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