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Avenue's Top 6 Insights from SEMpdx's 2018 Engage Conference

Our top insights from the Engage PDX Conference yesterday:

1. Marketing is quickly changing it's conversation. We are no longer B2B or B2C, now we are M2C. The conversation is moving from speaking to the consumer, to marketing to the machine! #AIisthefuture

2. The more real estate you take up in a search, the more likely that searchers will choose you. Don't stop with keywords or PPC. Hit every possible option you have: local listings, images optimization, paid per click, featured snippets, chat bots... #SEO

3. In Google Adwords, sitelinks are the king of extensions. 78% conversions come from sitelinks. If you had to pick one extension to totally rock, pick site links. #googleadwords #ppc

4. Before you freak out about having to make a ton of new content for your social campaigns, take a look at what you already have. Break it into content types, and place it in your conversion funnel. Most companies already have a ton of content they can leverage and use. #contentmarketing

5. The best place to find out what your customers (or customer's customer's) are like? Directly to the source. Do interviews. Talk to your target customers. Ask them the questions you want to know. That's persona building based on real data. #brandmarketing

6. If you are working in a field that limits your ability to do social and digital marketing, don't be afraid to go old-school and think outside the box. Event sponsorship is a great way to get a buzz going. Start with your audience’s interests and build an event around it. Don't forget about PR!

What kind of press can you get?

Thanks #EngagePDX - You rocked!

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