About Avenue


We’re innovative, purpose-driven thinkers who put our clients first, always. We are passionate about forging an avenue of success for our clients and our community. We leverage our experience and insights across digital and traditional media strategically and with purpose. We leave no stone unturned on the road to innovative marketing solutions. We share our client's compelling stories with the world to create inspiring, loyal, and durable connections with customers. We’re committed to reaching new heights, and we stand by our clients, through every triumph and challenge.


We’re the avenue taken to arrive at business growth in a unique and measurable way.




As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Emerging Small Business (ESB) and Certified B Corporation®, Avenue is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion across all facets of our business. We believe a diverse workforce facilitates conversation and learning, produces personal and professional growth for all of our team members and ultimately allows us to produce better and more holistic outcomes for our clients and community partners.


As part of this commitment, we intentionally seek team members, clients and partners whose diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives align with Avenue and our work with purpose-driven, progressive organizations and Certified B Corps who serve diverse customer bases and communities.



Amplify the impact growth-minded and purpose-driven companies have in the world through results-led digital marketing.


Empower transformational change

At Avenue, we partner with clients who embody our values for creating global impact and change through their product and business model. We facilitate meaningful marketing efforts to further our client's growth and impact and support transformational growth opportunities for our team members.


Build community together

Fostering meaningful connections and a sense of shared purpose with our clients, partners and peers.

Fearlessly do what's right

Advocating for the best interests of our clients, partners and peers through integrity, honesty and transparency.

Leave it better than when you found it

Leaving a lasting impact on our clients, partners and peers through continual improvement and positive results.

2009 NE Alberta Street, Suite 211
Portland, OR 97211
(206) 919-4871
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